Custom Fly Selections for Specific Travel Destinations or Target Species

Choosing the right flies can be hard, especially if you have never been to the destination or have never fished for a particular species. How do you know which patterns to take with you or which patterns the guides prefer?

On The Water Fly Fishing can help take the guesswork out of choosing flies for your intended destination or target fish species. Just let us know you are interested in a Custom Fly Selection and we will put together an assortment of flies that we would feel extremely confident fishing.

Over the years we have had the privilege to talk to some of the world’s best guides and numerous other anglers. We have also spent countless hours experimenting with a wide variety of flies to discern the most effective patterns available for angling destinations all around the world. From our experiences we can assemble a fly selection designed specifically for you and your On The Water Fly Fishing adventure.

Only the highest quality fly tying materials are used to create each fly. Each fly is tied in-house by a seasoned fresh and saltwater angler and accomplished fly tier and passes through a stringent quality inspection.

Each fly assortment is selected to include the most up to date flies, plus the traditional patterns that have been tested over many years and proven to be the most effective flies for the destination you are visiting.

These selections are customized with the number of flies you request and come in a waterproof double sided fly box with slit foam inserts for ease of carrying and peace of mind. A packing list with the name of each fly is included with every selection for your reference and ease of lost fly replacement when you return home.

On The Water Fly Fishing maintains a vast database of the most effective patterns for fly fishing travel destinations worldwide. So, if you need a selection of flies for your next angling adventure, please contact us.

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